New grid plan for the Greater Oslo Area

Politicians and other interest groups are positive to the opportunities represented by Statnett’s alternatives analyses for the Greater Oslo grid plan.

Improved security of supply, free-up of areas, fewer pylons close to residential areas and in the forested areas surrounding the capital, as well as facilitating for social development, are some of the benefits of the Alternatives Analysis for a Greater Oslo grid plan.

Governing Mayor Stian B. Røsland, Member of Parliament Jan Bøhler, Chief Adviser Oddvin Lund of the Norwegian Trekking Association and CEO of Enova Nils Kristian Nakstad were all positive to the process initiated by Statnett to establish future grid solutions for the Greater Oslo area.

The main conclusions from the analysis include:

  1. No new routes.
  2. Upgrading the voltage and clearing up the main grid will provide the Greater Oslo area with a more robust and reliable power grid.
  3. Capacity will increase by 60 percent, whereas area use will be reduced by 30 percent.