Upgrades needed in south-western Norway

To ensure reliable operations and create new opportunities for use, the electricity grid from Kristiansand to Sauda must be upgraded.

This is the conclusion of two new Statnett reports. The electricity grid in southern Norway is already strained. An increase in the production of renewables, security of supply, interconnectors to Germany and the UK, as well as future energy consumption, will require a more robust grid.

«That’s why it is very important to upgrade the grid from Kristiansand to Sauda, the so-called Western Corridor,» says Senior Vice President Communications Kristian Marstrand Pladsen of Statnett.

To increase capacity quickly, it is necessary to first upgrade the voltage on the Kristiansand-Sauda section to 420 kV, and reinforce the Lyse-Duge and Solhom-Duge sections. Then, the Lyse-Sauda section must be reinforced, which will provide two high-capacity interconnecting connections between Sauda and Feda and enable installation of an interconnector to Kvilldal. Finally, the Solhom substation must be upgraded to 420 kV.

«This will ensure a robust grid with high capacity, facilitating for future needs. Moreover, it will enable an increase in the renewables production in southern and western Norway, and ensure sufficient capacity for future grid reinforcements in the northern region of western Norway,» Pladsen says.