Statnett - Norad collaboration

Statnett and Norad have entered into a collaboration agreement which will strengthen the efforts to increase expertise in grid companies in developing countries.

The objective is to improve grid companies in developing countries

The agreement encourages interaction between the technical expertise in Statnett and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation’s (Norad) development work. 

“After having worked in East Africa for more than five years, we find that it is important to increase expertise in the grid companies, so that they can realise socio-economically profitable investment projects themselves. Norad has the same priority, and it is positive that we will now be able to learn from each other,” says President and CEO of Statnett Auke Lont.

Reduces poverty

Norad has entered into collaboration agreements with various institutions, and Director of Norad Villa Kulild is pleased that they now have an agreement with Statnett.

"Statnett’s expertise is important to improve grid operations and make them more efficient, and to ensure a more reliable supply of electricity. We know that access to a reliable energy supply is essential for social and economic development. Businesses and industries often quote a poor power supply as the reason they don’t invest. Economic growth is vital for reducing poverty and energy is necessary to create jobs, establish businesses, promote industrial activity and stimulate commercial activities,” Kulild says.

She emphasises that sustainable and stable energy services at affordable prices are essential for reducing poverty in developing countries, and thus for achieving the millennium development goals.

“Access to energy affects many aspects of a person’s life, in terms of health, education, environment and their financial situation,” Kulild says.

Step by step

Statnett has already established collaboration projects with transmission system operators in Tanzania and Uganda. Such projects are also in the pipeline for Kenya and Mozambique. The goal is to establish a formal collaboration between the transmission system operators in the region.

“A close cooperation characterised by trust between the grid companies in a region is essential to ensure the best possible utilisation of the resources available. Furthermore, it is important to cooperate on optimal development of power grids between countries. In our experience, it’s all about taking one little step at the time before you see results of the collaboration. In this respect, African countries can learn a lot from the Nordic region,” says Auke Lont.