Our strategy

Our main objective

Statnett’s main objective is to build the next generation main grid to secure a stable supply of electricity, promote value creation and pave the way for better climate solutions.

Our strategy

Society’s climate, security of supply and value creation objectives are closely interconnected, and the power system is the key to reaching them all at the same time through a balanced grid development.

Security of supply

Securing a stable supply of electricity through operations, monitoring and preparedness

Value creation

Paving the way for value creation, for society and customers alike


Facilitating the realisation of Norway’s climate objectives

Social mission

We are building the next generation main grid


Our strategic foundation

Society needs a sustainable power system

Electricity is perhaps our most important infrastructure – it permeates modern life. Consequently, a stable supply of electricity is vital for creating value and jobs throughout the country. Without electricity society grinds to a halt. That is why the power system is an important infrastructure. Everything depends on electricity.

The power system is a balancing act

Society needs a stable power system and the system is often put to the test. Both generation and consumption fluctuate more than before, challenging the power balance. To ensure operational reliability we need flexibility, capacity and well-functioning power markets. The power system is a balancing act.

The future is electric

Power can be generated from many sources and used for almost anything. Electricity is a carbon-free energy carrier and constitutes the backbone of a future climate-friendly energy system. By 2050, emissions must be cut to a minimum. To achieve this we need carbon-free energy carriers. At the same time, we see that electricity is used for many new purposes in society. The future is electric.

We are building the next generation main grid

The power grid must be upgraded and developed, both in Norway and between Norway and our neighbouring countries. This must take place in a balanced manner whilst taking several aspects into consideration, such as a continual supply of electricity, cost-efficiency and environmental concerns. We will build first where the need is greatest. We are building the next generation main grid.