Our social mandate

Our mandate

Statnett is responsible for developing and operating the Norwegian power grid to ensure that it meets society’s expectations for the energy sector at all times.

Our role

 As Transmission System Operator in the Norwegian power system, Statnett has a clear and distinct role:

  • To ensure a stable and secure electricity supply by coordinating production and consumption
  • To ensure long-term quality by developing the Norwegian main grid
  • To offer all market participants access to the main grid on equal terms
  • To ensure accessible transmission routes by means of good maintenance practices.

Our tasks

The electricity grid

The electricity grid forms the very backbone of the power system. The main focus is the core activities which are to maintain security of supply, efficient system operations and necessary development and maintenance of the main grid. Health, safety and the environment are at the core of all our activities.

The main grid

Statnett is responsible for the main grid, which makes up the «highways» of the Norwegian electricity supply. The main grid is made up of 11 000 kilometres of high-voltage power lines, interconnectors and 140 substations throughout the country. Operations are monitored by one national and three regional dispatch centres.

Transmission System Operator

Statnett is the Transmission System Operator in the Norwegian power system. This entails that Statnett is responsible for maintaining a reliable supply of electricity by ensuring a balance between production and consumption at all times, correct voltage, sufficient reserves, preparedness in the event of faults and well-dimensioned and well-maintained facilities, etc. At the same time, Statnett coordinates the flow of electricity to and from our neighbouring countries.

Socio-economic operations

Statnett is responsible for ensuring socio-economic operations and development of the main power transmission grid. Statnett will, alone or in partnership with others, plan and design, build, own and operate transmission facilities. This includes major development projects in Norway and between Norway and our neighbouring countries to secure a reliable supply of electricity covering future needs for the whole country. 

Other social duties

Acting on behalf of the Norwegian authorities, Statnett is responsible for Ediel, a standard for electronic exchange of trading information in the power industry. Statnett is also responsible for issuing guarantees of origin to Norwegian electricity producers. Moreover, the enterprise is responsible for keeping the green certificate register.