Our organisation

Our organisation

Statnett is an integrated company organised into six divisions, each responsible for its defined tasks. The six divisions are: Grid Operations Division, Projects Division, Commercial Development, ICT Division, Strategy and Public Affairs as well as the unit Corporate Staff. Statnett has about 1000 employees and the company’s headquarter is in Oslo.


Strategy and Public Affairs

Strategy and Public Affairs manages strategy development in Statnett, both as a company and with regard to the company’s mandate. This is reflected in the Grid Development Plan, issued every two years, and in the management of a continuously updated project portfolio. The division is also responsible for communicating with the outside world and with the company’s stakeholders.

Grid Operations Division

The Grid Operations Division is responsible for maintaining security of supply at all times and for ensuring a continuous supply of electricity to all consumers in Norway. The Grid Operations Division manages approximately 140 stations and 11 000 kilometres of power lines and cables. The Grid Operations Division has three regional control centres and one national control centre which is staffed 24 hours a day.

Projects Division

The Projects Division is in charge of the planning and implementation of development projects in Statnett. Responsibility for implementation includes project development, from the choice of main concept until an investment decision has been made. The division is also responsible for implementation in the development phase until the facilities are handed over to the Grid Operations Division.

Commercial Development

Commercial Development is responsible for Statnett’s customer relations, maintaining the company’s central settlement role, development of an efficient market design, as well as coordinating the company’s European ventures. Commercial Development is also responsible for developing market solutions for trading of various power products, in Norway, the Nordic region and Europe.

ICT Division

The ICT Division operates and develops Statnett’s ICT solutions and associated infrastructure in the energy system. A national computer network provides safe communication between stations, system control centres and other components in the power system. The division is also responsible for operating and managing Statnett’s internal systems, office support platform and user support.

Corporate Staff

Corporate Staff comprises the following departments: Human Relations (HR), HSE and Organisational Development, Legal, Procurement and Finance. Most of the staff functions are organised in a matrix. HR, Finance, Legal and Procurement work in a decentralised manner in the divisions and in the major projects.