End of damage and flooding

Statnett opened up a stream in Sjølseng in Sunndalsøra which caused flooding and damage to neighbouring properties and the substation in Aura.

Periods of heavy rain have caused excessive run-off of water down the steep mountain sides surrounding Statnett’s offices in Sunndalsøra. On several occasions the water has caused damage to nearby properties and to Statnett’s 132 kV transformer station in Aura.

One stream, which was piped and had its outlet in the Lilledalselven river, was particularly prone to flooding, carrying rocks, sand and mud, which caused extensive damage to the properties in Sjølseng housing cooperative.

After several inspections of the mountain side with the view to redirecting the water stream, it was decided that the best solution would be to open up the stream. Multiconsult was assigned with the task of finding a solution to where the stream and embankments to reduce the visual impact of the substation should be integrated. For Statnett’s neighbours at Sjølseng the opening of the stream and the embankments improved their local environment, reduced the risk of flooding and minimised potential damage.

The work of opening the stream and establishing a waterfall was started on 1 June 2012. The stream and waterfall were officially opened on 10 October by the mayor of Sunndal. After the official opening, around 50 of the invited neighbours gathered in Statnett’s canteen where coffee and cake and other refreshments were served.